Only the Clothes on Her Back: Clothing and the Hidden History of Power in the 19th-Century United States is an innovative recasting of US legal and economic history through the power of clothing for those who lacked power and status in American society.

The prize is bestowed by the Institute for South Asia Studies at University of California - Berkeley and recognizes her dissertation "The Demographic State: Population, Global Biopolitics, and Decolonization in South Asia, c. 1947-71."

The Joseph Levenson Prizes are awarded to the English-language books that make the greatest contribution to increasing understanding of the history, culture, society, politics, or economy of China.

The fellowships support the students’ final year of study at Princeton and are awarded to one Ph.D. student in each of the four divisions (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering) whose work has exhibited the highest scholarly excellence.

Keith Wailoo spoke with The Lancet about how history intersects with health and health policy and his latest book, Pushing Cool.

He intends to use the award to study the history of medicine in the modern Muslim world at the University of Cambridge.

The Haskins Medal is awarded annually by the academy for a distinguished book in the field of medieval studies. It is the organization’s most prestigious award.

Her book, The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen: Warfare, Constitutions, and the Making of the Modern World, was named 2021 Book of the Year by the organization.

Defining the Age: Daniel Bell, His Time and Ours, edited by Paul Starr and Julian E. Zelizer
Only the Clothes on Her Back: Clothing and the Hidden History of Power in the Nineteenth-Century United States, by Laura F. Edwards
Le culte des chefs: Charisme et pouvoir à l'époque des révolutions, by David A. Bell

 The Koren Prize recognizes outstanding departmental work during the junior year.