Why we save so little, spend so much, and borrow like crazy

History seniors Audrey Berdahl-Baldwin and Ryan Low have been named 2016 Marshall Scholars.

Princeton University senior Azza Cohen has been named a George J. Mitchell Scholar to study culture and colonialism at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway.

Evan Hepler-Smith, a doctoral candidate in the Princeton University Program in History of Science, has been awarded the Nathan Reingold Prize by the History of Science Society.

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Elections are the lifeblood of American democracy, offering insight into the character and historical evolution of American politics. A new book co-edited by Wilson School Professor Julian Zelizer uses the history of presidential elections to highlight American political democracy and its development over the centuries.

12/14: Felix Ohnmacht - Bohemian Rhapsodies: Basel's Epistemic Landscapes in the Century of the Scientific Revolution

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Read our weekly events newsletter.