Davis Center Fellows, 2017-2018

February 22, 2018

2017-2018 Davis Fellows: From left to right, Mae Ngai, Laurie Wood, Robert Aronowitz, William Deringer, Monica Azzolini, Esther Eidinow, Jeffrey Freedman, and Bryna Goodman.


We are pleased to announce the Davis Center Fellows for 2017-2018 under the topic of Risk and Fortune.

Robert Aronowitz, University of Pennsylvania
“Medical Efficacy in a Highly Intervened-in World”
Fall term

Monica Azzolini, University of Edinburgh
“Trembling Earth and Burning Mountains: Responses to Environmental Risk in Early Modern Italy (ca. 1500-1750)”
Fall term

William Deringer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Discounting: A History of the Modern Future (In One Calculation)"

Esther Eidinow, University of Bristol
“Social, Religious and Environmental Risk in Ancient Greek Myth Narratives”
Spring term

Jeffrey Freedman, Yeshiva University
“Controlling Risk, Generating Fear: Policing, Medicine and the State in Old Regime France”
Fall term

Bryna Goodman, University of Oregon
“Finance and the New Chinese Republic Risk, Rationality, and Rights”
Spring term

Mae Ngai, Columbia University
“The Chinese Question: The Gold Rushes and Global Politics, 1849-1910”
Spring term

Laurie Wood, Florida State University
“Risks & Realities: Death and Credit in the French Tropics”