Departmental Newsletter: Fall 2013

August 26, 2013
Newsletter 2013, Princeton History Department

In the past year, the Department has been pleased at the successful tenure and promotion of three wonderful colleagues: Janet Chen (modern Chinese history), Ekaterina Pravilova (Russian Imperial History), and Bhavani Raman (Colonial India). We celebrate also the joint appointment of Thomas Conlan, a specialist in early and medieval Japan, to a professorship in East Asian Studies (EAS) and History, and the appointment of Regina Kunzel, an expert in the history of gender and sexuality in the twentieth-century United States. Kunzel is on leave her first year before taking up the Doris Stevens Chair. New junior hires include M’hamed Oualdi, a specialist in modern North Africa, jointly appointed with Near Eastern Studies, and Jennifer Rampling, a historian of late medieval and early modern science, who takes up her position in the second semester of this year. Three more appointees, but in the junior ranks, who were selected in 2011-12, completed postdoctoral fellowships last year. They are now at Princeton as full time faculty. Their names and fields follow: Matthew Karp (US Civil War), Rosina Lozano (Latino history in North America), and Teresa Shawcross (the later Byzantine Empire). Read more >