Departmental Newsletter: Fall 2014

August 25, 2014

With five tenure decisions, five reappointments, three searches, and several appointments and a promotion on the staff of the Papers of Thomas Jefferson, faculty members in the History Department were fully occupied with personnel matters during the last academic year. The current year promises or seems to promise to be easy in comparison. Happily the decisions we made have strengthened the department immeasurably. Advanced to tenure were Jon Levy who works on the history of American capitalism; Vera Candiani, our historian of colonial Mexico; Josh Guild, who writes on African-American history; Helmut Reimitz, our early medievalist; and Max Weiss, a specialist in the modern Middle East, in particular Lebanon and Syria. Reappointed for second three-year terms as assistant professors were Alec Dun (revolutionary America), Yaacob Dweck (modern Jewish history), Eleanor Hubbard (early modern England), Federico Marcon (early modern Japan), and Wendy Warren (colonial North America). The new hires were He Bian, who succeeds Susan Naquin as our early modern Chinese historian, and Beth Lew-Williams, who is occupying an entirely new position as an assistant professor of Asian-American history. The changes that I have alluded to on the staff of the Jefferson Papers, including the retirement of Barbara Oberg, are described in detail in the section of this Newsletter dedicated to that editorial project. Read more >