Grad Students to Lead MOOC on Capitalism

January 16, 2018


Graduate students Teal Arcadi, Caitlin Harvey, Rob Konkel, Miles Macallister, Felice Physioc, and Niharika Yadav will lead a 6-week MOOC on the Global History of Capitalism.

Global History of Capitalism

What is capitalism? How has it changed over time? And why do we need a global perspective to fully understand its development and impact? Explore the complex history of capitalism from 1919 until today.

About This Course

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, there has been an explosion of interest in the history of capitalism. Some narratives focus on enormous waste, environmental destruction, overpowered corporations, exploitation of workers, or outrageous inequality. Others are more positive, telling a story about unparalleled prosperity, longer life expectancies, integration of markets, connectivity among peoples, and poverty alleviation.

In this course, we emphasize the complexity of capitalism over such neat narratives. By looking at capitalism through a global lens, we investigate multiple types of explanations and impacts on local, national, regional and global levels. We also examine a range of different topics deeply connected to the evolution of capitalism; including labor relations, migration, commodities, consumption, finance, war, imperialism, development, energy, and the environment. Read more about the course.