Greene, Marcon, and Grafton Awarded Grants from Humanities Council

May 5, 2023

Three faculty in the History department have been awarded 2023-2024 grants from the Humanities Council. This year, the Council awarded 27 new grants for innovation and collaboration, led by 41 faculty from across 25 academic departments and programs.

Magic Grants awarded to faculty in History include:

Re-Discovering Semiotics for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Federico Marcon (East Asian Studies and History)

This event series, to be held between 2023-2025, aims to re-introduce the theory and methodology of interpretive semiotics to Princeton graduate students and faculty working within the humanities and social sciences. Its long-term aim is to develop a platform for interactive and collaborative interdisciplinary research that connects an international network of scholars interested in semiotics.

Suspended in the Air: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Workshop at Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Molly Greene (History and Hellenic Studies)

This grant will support an eight-day intensive workshop at the Meteora monasteries in Thessaly, Greece. The workshop will introduce graduate students to the rich heritage of the monastic community of Meteora, as well as provide a foundation in methods of Greek paleography, the transmission history of ancient and medieval texts, and the history of premodern and early modern book culture.

The Humanities Council also renewed a multi-year Global Initiative:

Rome Archive and Library Seminar

Anthony Grafton (History)

This renewed three-year Global Initiative provides partial support for a summer graduate seminar held in Rome, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame, where students will study archives in the Vatican Library, the National Library, and the Jesuit Archive, and allow curators and scholars to share their experience working with these materials.