Linda Colley to Deliver Second Annual Arts and Humanities Lecture at University of Dublin

October 25, 2018

Linda Colley: "Inscribing a Modern World: Constitutions Across Histories and Literatures" poster

The Annual Lecture, "Inscribing a Modern World: Constitutions Across Histories and Literatures", will be given by one of the world's most eminent historians, Professor Linda Colley, Professor of History, Princeton University.

At a time when the Irish Constitution is undergoing momentous change, Professor Colley will reflect on the story of Ireland's Constitution, from its enactment to the present day. She will also trace the histories, dynamics, cultures and values underpinned by constitutions around the world.
Professor Colley will offer a fresh take on what written constitutions tell us about globally connected societies.

The Annual Lecture will take place on 1 November at 6.30pm in Theatre Q, Newman Building. Read more at UCD and History Hub.