Michael D. Gordin Explores a Pivotal Period in Einstein’s Life

February 11, 2020
Michael Gordin and his book, Einsten in Bohemia

The book: From 1911 to 1912, at the beginning of what would become his legendary scientific career, Albert Einstein lived for 16 months in Prague. His time as a professor at the city’s German University has often been considered a footnote in his biography, due to the brevity of his employment.

In Einstein in Bohemia (Princeton University Press), Michael D. Gordin promotes a more complex understanding of Einstein’s time in Prague. Einstein did not move to Prague expecting he would leave so quickly — he poured himself into his work, made new friends, and was immersed in the city’s culture. Through extensive primary sources, Gordin explores the effect that Prague’s rich history infused into Einstein’s life, and the way that Einstein made his own significant mark on Bohemia’s story.

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Photo of Michael Gordin by Sameer A. Khan/Fotobuddy