Mota and Mitchell Awarded ACLS Fellowships

April 6, 2023

Professor Isadora Moura Mota, Assistant Professor of History at Princeton University was awarded a fellowship for work on her project "On Their Own Terms: Literacy, Slavery, and the Archives of Afro-Brazilian History." Mota is a historian of slavery in Brazil and the Atlantic world. Her scholarship focuses on modern Brazilian history, comparative slavery, abolitionism, literacy, and the African diaspora to Latin America.

Dr. Elise Mitchell, a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University, was awarded a fellowship for her project entitled "Morbid Geographies: Enslavement, Epidemics, and Embodiment in the Early Modern Atlantic World." Mitchell is a historian of the early modern Black Atlantic. Broadly, her work examines the social and cultural histories of slavery, the body, medicine and healing, disease, race, and gender in the early modern Atlantic World.