New Campus Tour Explores Princeton Race Relations

October 12, 2017

"Walking Histories" campus tour Oct. 217

Princeton-Trenton Connections Explored in New Campus Tour

Last weekend’s “Walking Histories: Race and Protest at Princeton and in Trenton” involved a series of performative walks across campus that “[explored] how issues of race and protest, in Trenton and on campus, are imprinted on Princeton’s buildings and grounds," according to the event's website

The tour premiered at the Festival of the Arts celebration that commemorated the opening of the new Lewis Center for the Arts complex, and was planned as part of an ongoing collaboration between students, history professor Alison Isenberg, and Aaron Landsman, a visiting associate professor in theater and the Lewis Center for the Arts. The collaboration represents one of several collaborative, interdisciplinary projects that have recently touched on issues of race here at the University; these projects have included The Trenton Project, directed by filmmaker and Wilson School lecturer Purcell Carson, and the courses URB 202: Documentary Film and the City and AMS 395: Performing the City, which are studying and interpreting the unrest in Trenton that followed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination.

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"Walking Histories" campus tour Oct. 2017, girl reading