New Faculty Books: March and April 2022

March 17, 2022

Recent Faculty Publications

Twelve Theses on Attention edited by D Graham Burnett Stevie KnaussTwelve Theses on Attention

The Friends of Attention
Edited by D. Graham Burnett and Stevie Knauss
March 2022

“True attention takes the unlivable, and makes it livable.” So say the Friends of Attention in their visionary and epigrammatic analysis of attentional freedom in our time. Directly confronting the pathologies of our attention economy, this slim text, written by an underground collective of activist-critics, utopian dreamers, and peaceful insurgents, stakes out the terrain of a new politics—one that centers on the truly human use of our capacity to attend. Read more about Twelve Theses on Attention.

The Presidency of Donald Trump A First Historical Assessment Edited by Julian E. ZelizerThe Presidency of Donald J. Trump: A First Historical Assessment

Edited by Julian E. Zelizer
April 2022

Leading historians provide perspective on Trump’s four turbulent years in the White House

The Presidency of Donald J. Trump presents a first draft of history by offering needed perspective on one of the nation’s most divisive presidencies. Acclaimed political historian Julian Zelizer brings together many of today’s top scholars to provide balanced and strikingly original assessments of the major issues that shaped the Trump presidency. Read more about The Presidency of Donald J. Trump.