PU Graduate Student Embarks on Teaching Experience

January 16, 2018

Merle Eisenberg (right) in his history class at Mercer County Community College

Princeton University Ph.D. candidate Merle Eisenberg put teaching theories into practice in his interactive history class on Western civilization at Mercer County Community College this past fall. The PU-MCCC partnership will continue this spring and next fall, with five more PU doctoral students teaching at MCCC.

Princeton University (PU) and Mercer County Community College (MCCC) have launched a collaborative program for PU graduate students to gain teaching experience in the community college classroom, and the reviews are positive on both sides.

History doctoral candidate Merle Eisenberg, who taught a Western civilization class at MCCC this past fall, reported that considerable learning took place, both for himself and his students. “The partnership between Princeton and MCCC is a great way for Princeton graduate students to plan and teach their own class, which can often be difficult to do at Princeton,” he said. “It also provides the opportunity for MCCC to have top graduate students teach their students. I personally learned that I loved teaching, which I always thought I would enjoy, but without ever teaching my own class, I could not know for sure.”

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