"Queer Career" Wins Hagley Prize and Philip Taft Award

March 20, 2024

Updated April 15, 2024

Margot Canaday, Dodge Professor of History, won two book prizes for her latest book, "Queer Career: Sexuality and Work in Modern America." "Queer Career" follows up her award-winning first book, "The Straight State: Sexuality and Citizenship in Twentieth Century America."

The Business History Conference (BHC) awarded the Hagley Prize in Business History to "Queer Career: Sexuality and Work in Modern America." In their citation, the review committee noted the book "stood out among a stellar group of finalists for its originality, research, and impactful argument that will broaden the horizons of business history" and applauded her for "adroitly balanc[ing] ... the accomplishments and strength of the many men and women whose remarkable stories fill the pages of Queer Career with attention to the political economy, prejudice, and discrimination that constrained their choices."

"Queer Career" also won the Philip Taft Labor History Award, given by the ILR School at Cornell University, in cooperation with the Labor and Working-Class History Association (LAWCHA). The award recognizes the best book in American labor history.