Relationships in/of Law and History: Retrospective on the Work of Hendrik Hartog

May 15, 2017
Hendrik Hartog

For over three decades, Hendrik Hartog has been among the most influential writers in the fields of legal history, law and society, and the cultural study of law. In this symposium, we explore the contributions of Hartog's work to interdisciplinary legal scholarship in a set of discussions structured around four of his seminal texts: Pigs and Positivism (1985), The Constitution of Aspiration (1987), Man and Wife in America (2000), and Someday All This Will be Yours (2012), and his forthcoming book, The Trouble with Minna: Care, Slavery and Emancipation in New Jersey. Discussants will consider the significance of Hartog's scholarship in relation to a range of themes of contemporary interest in legal and historical scholarship. Special emphasis will be given to law's role in constituting and governing social relations, among them parenting, marriage, and slavery, and the relations of law itself to competing normative systems.

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Hosted by the IDC Law & Humanities Workshop & University of Haifa, Faculty of Law
Friday, May 26, 2017, 09:00-13:30 IDC Herzliya campus, Kanfei Nesharim Street, Herzliya
Room SL302, Law-Sustainability Building