Three HOS Affiliates (Current and Former) Win Awards at the History of Science Society

Oct. 9, 2020

Emily Kern (Ph.D. 2018), has won the Ronald Rainger Prize, an Early Career Award in History of the Earth and Environmental Sciences for her article “Archeology Enters the ‘Atomic Age’: A Short History of Radiocarbon, 1946-1960,” published in The British Journal for the History of Science Vol. 53, Issue 2 (June 2020): 207-227. DOI.

The Rainger Prize was conceived in the Earth and Environment Forum. Ronald Rainger (1949-2016) was a historian of geology, paleontology, biology, and oceanography who distinguished himself equally for his scholarly work and for his generosity to colleagues in the field. The Rainger Early Career Award commemorates Ron’s contributions in both respects.


Michael Gordin has won the Derek Price / Rod Webster Prize for his article “Lysenko Unemployed: Soviet Genetics after the Aftermath,” published in Isis Volume 109, Issue 1 (2018): 56-78. DOI.

The Price/Webster Prize is given in recognition of excellence in a research article published in Isis.


Erika Lorraine Milam has won the Suzanne J. Levinson Prize highlighting a book in the history of the life sciences and natural history for her book Creatures of Cain: The Hunt for Human Nature in Cold War America (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2019).

The Suzanne J. Levinson Prize is awarded biennially for a book in the history of the life sciences and natural history.