Watch Now: Pandemic, Creating a Usable Past

May 21, 2020
Pandemic, Creating a Usable Past: Epidemics, COVID-19, and the Future of Health

Historical Perspective on the COVID-19 Crisis

How will today's pandemic transform us and the world? What underlying social flaws and inequalities does it reveal? Are civil liberties under siege as societies respond to the threat?

Seven panels of leading historians of health and society drew over 3,800 attendees from 49 countries in two days of webinar discussions exploring the powerful echoes of past epidemics in the present crisis—from the sudden tragic loss of life to the extensive social and economic fallout, from tensions over the halting of commerce to the flourishing of dubious theories and medicines, and concluding with possibilities of social and public health reinvention as well as worrisome pandemic legacies.

Watch Now

Video recordings of the sessions—organized by Keith Wailoo, sponsored by the American Association for the History of Medicine, and supported by staff and graduate students in History at Princeton—are available for viewing.


Video Editor: Kelly Lin-Kremer

Webinar Production: Jodi Koste, Jennifer Loessy, Mikey McGovern, Julia Stone, Kim Worthington, Carla Zimowsk

Question & Answer Moderators: Mikey McGovern, Julia Stone

Webinar Organizer: Keith Wailoo