Alan Marcelo Henríquez Chávez

Graduate Student

 Alan is a Ph.D. student specializing in the study of peace processes in the 20th century from the perspective of grassroots ex combatants. He holds a master’s degree in history from the Mora Research Institute in Mexico City, a master’s in Conflict Resolution from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in San José, Costa Rica, and did his undergrad studies in psychology at the Central American University (UCA) in El Salvador. His research goal is to understand how and why peacebuilding processes that involve the disarmament, demobilization and reinsertion of combatants fail or succeed, and how this is narrated in both official history and from the memories of grassroots ex combatants. So far, he has explored these issues for the cases of El Salvador’s FMLN guerrillas and Colombia’s FARC-EP guerrillas using oral history and is currently in an exploratory phase for the case of Mozambique’s FRELIMO and RENAMO combatants. He has worked with universities, NGO’s, civil society organizations, and research centers in North, Central and South America, as well as in the United States and Germany, addressing issues such as: social violence, homicidal violence, political participation in post-war societies, human rights violations in contexts of armed conflict, peace-building processes, education policies, cultural policies, land-related conflicts, authoritarianism, irregular migration, and inclusive education.

Year of Study
Second Year
Area of Interest
Conflict Studies
History of Revolutions
Memory Studies
Oral History
Peace Studies
Peasant Studies
Political History
Public History
Social History
War & Society
Home Department & Other Affiliations
20th Century
Latin America and the Caribbean
Sub-Saharan Africa