Albert Evan Kohn

Graduate Student

Albert Evan Kohn is a PhD student in the Department of History, specializing in medieval urban and social history. His research considers the numerous ways by which Jews and Christians interacted in the cities of Northern France and German-speaking lands during the High Middle Ages. He has a special interest in how the medieval home served simultaneously as a place for interreligious interaction, as an object of economic exchange and as an ideal that was cultivated in Hebrew, Latin and vernacular literatures.

Before arriving at Princeton, Albert spent two years as a research fellow in the ERC-funded research group, Beyond the Elite: Jewish Daily Life in Medieval Ashkenaz at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His work there considered popular domestic activities, such as singing and praying, among both medieval Jews and Christians. He holds an MPhil in Medieval History from Jesus College in the University of Cambridge as well as BAs from Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Year of Study
Fourth Year
Area of Interest
Cultural History
Economic History
Jewish History
Social History
Urban History
Home Department & Other Affiliations
6th through 14th Centuries
15th & 16th Centuries