Constantine Theodoridis


My interests focus on early modern cross-cultural diplomacy, maritime history and the history of news. My dissertation is a comparative study of how the Dutch Republic, Venice, France, and England developed and maintained their diplomatic networks in seventeenth-century Ottoman Istanbul.

I grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece. I hold a BA in History & Archaeology from Aristotle University, an MA in Colonial & Global History and an MA in Middle Eastern & Turkish Studies, both from Leiden University where I was an Onassis Scholar. My published work to date has focused on the treaties regulating the presence of Europeans in the Ottoman Empire, Dutch converts to Islam serving as intermediaries in Algiers, and Huguenot trading networks in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Year of Study
Sixth Year
Area of Interest
Colonialism & Post Colonialism
Home Department & Other Affiliations
17th & 18th Centuries