Kathryn Carpenter

Graduate Student

My research focuses on the history of science, technology, and the environment in 19th and 20th century North America, and the ways in which all three intersect. I am also interested in methodologies including oral histories and using digital tools for evaluating and presenting information.

I earned an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a Master of Arts in History from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, with an emphasis in public history. My master’s thesis focused on water, public land access, and health at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. An article based on this research, “Cesspools, Springs, and Snaking Pipes,” can be found on Technology’s Stories.

Year of Study
Fifth Year
Area of Interest
Cultural History
Environmental History
Gender & Sexuality
History of Technology
Home Department & Other Affiliations
Late Antiquity
19th Century
20th Century
American West
North America