Meher Ali

Graduate Student

My dissertation project traces the institution and idea of the university in modern South Asia, with a particular focus on Pakistan. By taking a capacious definition of the ‘university’ — as, for instance, a product of state policy, an icon of modernity, a material campus, and a site for politicization — my research engages with multiple historiographical fields and methods: including the history of global development, urban history, architectural history, oral and social history, and ethnographies of the state.

At Princeton, I have been an organizer for the South Asia Graduate Workshop and the South Asia Digital Humanities Working Group, as well as a CDH Graduate Fellow and the co-founder of the South Asia Translation Workshop.

I was previously a Fulbright student researcher in India, and my work has also been supported by the AIIS language fellowship, the CLS Program, and the AIBS junior fellowship. I received my MA from the University of Chicago, and a BA in History with honors from Brown University.

Year of Study
Fifth Year
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