Midori Kawaue

Graduate Student

Midori Kawaue studies how interactions between the indigenous population and the colonial settlers from the 17th to 19th centuries produced new scientific knowledge at a global level. She is writing a comparative history of the Ainu people, the indigenous people of northern Japan, and the Native Americans. Her first co-edited book is James Riley Weaver’s Civil War (Kent State University Press, 2019). From 2014-2018, she co-edited a Civil War POW diary written by James Riley Weaver, a Union officer, and did extensive research on Civil War Prisons. She utilized Geographic Information Services (GIS) to create an interactive map for this transcription project.

Midori graduated summa cum laude from DePauw University (‘2017) where she studied History, Geology, and French. In 2016, she was awarded the Historic Deerfield Summer Fellowship and researched New England naturalists and their Enlightenment belief in science. In 2017, she was awarded the Gilder Lehrman History Scholar Award for her work in U.S. history.

Year of Study
Fifth Year
Area of Interest
Digital History
Historical Epistemology
Intellectual History
Home Department & Other Affiliations
17th & 18th Centuries
19th Century
United States