Pablo Pryluka

Graduate Student

Pablo Pryluka is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History. He is a modern Latin American and global historian interested in the intersection of public policy, economic expectations, and the history of commodities. His research looks at the unintended social and political consequences of developmentalism through the lens of consumption. His dissertation focuses on the years after World War II when Latin American countries simultaneously expanded the welfare state and implemented import substitution policies. As a result, countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Chile experienced domestic market growth: as incomes increased, so did access to new durable goods that would transform everyday life. The dissertation explores how people experienced this transformation by looking at their unequal access to those durable goods, with a particular focus on refrigerators, automobiles, and televisions. He is interested not only in who had access to these goods, but also both the meanings involved in their consumption and the expectations of consumers in terms of socioeconomic status.

Prior to Princeton, he did his undergraduate studies at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and earned a master’s in History at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. He has received grants from the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (Argentina), the Fulbright Commission, the Hagley Museum, and the Hartman Center (Duke University).

Selected Publications

“Mapping Economic Interdependence: Creating the Periphery in the Inter-War Period”, in Jeremy Adelman and Andreas Eckert (eds.), World Products. Making Narratives Across Borders (forthcoming at Bloomsbury, 2023). [with Jeremy Adelman and Laetitia Laenel]

“Advertising Pinochet: The Cold War Limits to a Neoliberal Crusade,” The International History Review, 45: 2 (2023), 416-430.

“Dictadura y reforma económica. Argentina en el nuevo orden internacional,” In Aníbal Jauregui and Daniel Heymann (eds.), Crisis y planes macroeconómicos en la Argentina, Buenos Aires: Eudeba, 2022. [with Guido Zack]

“‘Una futura Heidelberg argentina’: el itinerario de la Fundación Bariloche (1963-1978),” Pasado Abierto, 11:6 (2020), pp. 54-75.

Consumo y desarrollo en el tercer gobierno peronista,” Latin America in Economic History, 25:1 (2018), pp. 98-135. [with Ramiro Coviello]

“Educando a los consumidores: la campaña de Orientación para el Consumidor y las políticas anti-inflacionarias durante la última dictadura en Argentina,” H-Industria, 10:18 (2016), pp. 106-127.

“Growing consumer rights in neoliberal times. The top-down origins of consumer organizations in Argentina between 1978 and 1993,” Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 7:3 (2015), pp. 373-388.

Year of Study
Seventh Year
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Consumer History
Economic History
Intellectual History
Social History
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