Sally Cochrane

Alumni; Ph.D. 2023

Dissertation Title:
"Science at the Nineteenth-Century École Des Beaux-Arts"

Sally is interested in visual information in science and medicine, including anatomical illustrations, color ordering systems, and models, particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries. She is especially interested in the collaboration between artists and scientists. Broadly speaking, she is interested in the question of how information that is not explicit or verbal gets transmitted through images and the practices that make those images. She is also interested in the history of the science of perception.

She majored in the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Chicago and wrote her B.A. thesis about the Munsell Color System, a scientific color ordering system developed by the artist Albert H. Munsell in the early 20th century. Her thesis examined the way that his artistic understanding of color helped to negotiate between the different and incompatible views of color in physiology, physics, and chemistry.

Before coming to Princeton she trained as a representational painter at the Grand Central Atelier in New York City, which teaches painting, drawing, and sculpture based on the nineteenth-century French Academic tradition. During this time she also developed her own artistic work inspired by issues of science and medicine.


  • Scientific Illustration
  • Models
  • Color
  • Science of Perception
  • Hsitory of Medicine
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Medicine & Health
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