Shachar Gannot

Graduate Student

Shachar is a Ph.D. student in the History Department. She is interested in post-Holocaust judicial justice, and how different countries have dealt with the atrocities of the Holocaust in their respective legal systems.

Following two years of military service in the Israeli Air Force, Shachar double majored in History and Government & Politics at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she graduated summa cum laude. Her undergraduate honors thesis – awarded the Hoosier Clio Award for Best Honors Thesis – discussed Israel’s Nazis and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law of 1950 that ostensibly provided Israel the jurisdiction to try Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem.

Shachar completed her J.D. at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she continued to explore similar themes in papers discussing the American and Canadian legal responses following their respective realizations that there were Nazis and Nazi collaborators within their borders.

After graduating from law school, Shachar worked as a litigator for an international law firm in New York City and for a prominent national law firm in Washington, D.C. She hopes that her private practice experience will allow her to more fully develop her scholarship while at Princeton.

Shachar is an ardent cinephile, musical theatre lover, and avid runner.

Year of Study
Second Year
Area of Interest
Cultural History
Jewish History
Legal History
Political History
Social History
Home Department & Other Affiliations
20th Century