Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellows


Nicole Barnes
G-12 Dickinson Hall
Anne Berg
G-15 Dickinson Hall
Rosie Bsheer
G-16 Dickinson Hall
Benjamin Cohen
G-10 Dickinson Hall
Reinaldo Funes-Monzote
G-11 Dickinson Hall
Camille Goldmon
G-01C Dickinson Hall
David Patterson
G-02 Dickinson Hall


Thomas Dodman
“When Émile Went to War: A Family Romance in the Age of Revolution”
Lawrence Glickman
"How Backlashes Have Shaped American Politics, 1865-Present"
Sara Kozameh
“Harvest of Revolution: Agrarian Reform and the Making of Revolutionary Cuba, 1958-1970”
Durba Mitra
“The Future That Was: Feminist Thought in the Decolonizing World, 1955-1995”
Nathan Perl-Rosenthal
"Generation Revolution: Political Lives in a Revolutionary Age, ca. 1760-1825"
Neslihan Şenocak
"The Pastoral Revolution in Medieval Europe and the Emergence of the Moralizing State"
Juned Shaikh
"Revolutionary Conjunctures: Gangadhar Adhikari and the Roads Not Taken in Twentieth-Century India"
Asif Siddiqi
"Departure Gates: Space Age Infrastructures/ Postcolonial Displacements"
Charles Walker
"The Shining Path Guerrilla Movement in Peru"


Zara Anishanslin
“London Patriots: Transatlantic Politics, Material Culture, and the American Revolution”
Kate Cooper
“Breaking Faith: The Constantinian Religious Revolution and Its Aftermath, 306-451 C.E.”
Cristina Soriano
“Imperial Ruptures: Colonial Experiments in Trinidad During the Age of Revolutions”
Massimiliano Tomba
"The Concept of Revolution"
Kirsten Weld
“Ruins and Glory: The Long Spanish Civil War in Latin America”


Debjani Bhattacharyya
Law and climate science in South Asia
Malachi Crawford
The Nation of Islam and African-American Free Speech in US Courts
Rohit De
Rebellious lawyers and the jurisprudence of decolonization
Sarah Ghabrial
Colonial law and the Muslim family in Algeria
Stuart McManus
Slave law in the early modern Iberian world
Mary Mitchell
Law and nuclear weapons testing in postwar Oceania
Benjamin Nathans
A history of the Soviet dissident movement
Judith Surkis
Children, development, and international law in decolonization
Karl Ubl
Punishment in the Carolingian Empire


George Aumoithe
"Strange Bedfellows: Public Health and Welfare Politics in the United States, 1965–2000"
Tatiana Borisova
"‘For my enemies, the law’: A Cultural History of Law and Justice in Russia, 1860-1905"
Jonathan Connolly
"Worthy of Freedom: Antislavery, Free Labor, and Indenture in the Era of Emancipation"
Tom Johnson
"Legal Artifacts: Fabricating Law in Medieval England"
Lena Salaymeh
"Secularislamization: Secularization and Contemporary Islamic Law"
Franziska Seraphim
"Geographies of Justice: Japan, Germany, and the Allied War Crimes Program, 194­3–1958"
Mitra Sharafi
"Fear of the False: Forensic Science in Colonial India"
Elizabeth Thornberry
"Imagining African Law: South Africa, 1870–1927"
Barbara Welke
"The Course of a Life"


Robert Aronowitz
“Medical Efficacy in a Highly Intervened-in World”
Monica Azzolini
“Trembling Earth and Burning Mountains: Responses to Environmental Risk in Early Modern Italy (ca. 1500-1750)”
William Deringer
“Discounting: A History of the Modern Future (In One Calculation)"
Esther Eidinow
“Social, Religious and Environmental Risk in Ancient Greek Myth Narratives”
Jeffrey Freedman
“Controlling Risk, Generating Fear: Policing, Medicine and the State in Old Regime France”
Bryna Goodman
“Finance and the New Chinese Republic Risk, Rationality, and Rights”
Mae Ngai
“The Chinese Question: The Gold Rushes and Global Politics, 1849-1910”
Laurie Wood
“Risks & Realities: Death and Credit in the French Tropics”


Giovanni Ceccarelli
"Risk, Culture, and Business in Renaissance Florence"
Jacco Dieleman
"Risk and Fortune in Ancient Textual Amulets"
Shennette Garrett-Scott
"Invincible Daughters of Commerce: The Independent Order of St. Luke and Black Women in Finance, 1900-1940s"
Pablo F. Gómez
"Risky Bodies: Quantification, Fungibility, and Slave Trade in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic"
Caley Horan
"Actuarial Age: Insurance and the Emergence of Neoliberalism in the Post-WWII United States"
Vanessa Ogle
"Archipelago Capitalism: The Shadow Political Economy, 1920s-1980s"
Carl Wennerlind
"Atlantis Restored: Political Economy during Sweden's Age of Greatness"


Susan Carruthers
"The Good Occupation: Americans as Victors after the Second World War"
Pierre Fuller
"Humanitarian Purges: Revolutionary Memory and Northwest China's Great Gansu Earthquake of 1920"
Jochen Hellbeck
"Moral Tales and Political Reckonings: Soviet Survivors of Nazi Occupation and Their Audiences (1943-1945)"
Marie Kelleher
"The Hungry City: Food, Famine, and a Year in the Life of Medieval Barcelona"
Emma Kuby
"The Expert Witnesses: State Violence, Survivors, and the Anti-Concentration Camp Movement in Postwar Europe"
Arnaud Orain
"Repressing, Defusing, and Conjuring the Disasters at the End of Louis XIV's Reign: The Wild Hope of John Law's System (1717-1720)"
Yael A. Sternhell
"The Afterlives of the Confederate Archive, 1865-1901"


Nicole Archambeau
"Souls under Siege: Surviving Plague, War, and Doubt in Fourteenth-Century Provence"
Pamela Ballinger
"Forgotten Refugees: Decolonization, Displaced Persons, and the Reconstruction of Italy, 1945-1960"
David Barnes
"Lazaretto Ghosts: Remembered Trauma and the Meanings of Quarantine in the Nineteenth-Century City"
Jennifer Foray
"Imperial Aftershocks: The Legacies of Decolonization in the Netherlands"
Pierre Force
"Wealth and Disaster: Atlantic Migrations from a Pyrenean Town in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries"
Atina Grossmann
"Remapping Survival: Jewish Refugees and Lost Memories of Displacement, Trauma, and Rescue in Soviet Central Asia, Iran, and India"
Rebecca Nedostup
"Living and Dying in the Long War: China and Taiwan, 1937-1959"