Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellows

2023-2024 Fellows: Environment and Climate

Sria Chatterjee
“(Post)Colonial Environments: The Politics of Visibility”
G-16 Dickinson Hall
Jared Farmer
“God View: How Seeing Earth Changed Humanity”
G-10 Dickinson Hall
Camille Goldmon
“On the Right Side of Radicalism: African American Farmers, Tuskegee Institute, and Agrarian Radicalism in the Alabama Black Belt, 1881-1940”
G-01C Dickinson Hall
Lijing Jiang
“Fish Nations: Species, Technology, and Environments in Asia’s Aquacultural Transformation”
G-11 Dickinson Hall
Darrin McMahon
“An American Colony in France: The Nantuckois of Dunkirk and the Dialectic of Illumination”
G-12 Dickinson Hall
David Patterson
“Imagining Weather in Early Medieval Francia”
G-02 Dickinson Hall
Rhiannon Stephens
“Gender, Power, and Climate Change on the Swahili Coast, ca. 500-1900 CE”
G-15 Dickinson Hall

Fall 2023 Fellows

Neil Maher
Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellow, Fall 2023
“Wasted: An Environmental Justice History of Newark, New Jersey”
Lee Mordechai
Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellow, Year 2023–24
“The Worst Year to Be Alive: Interdisciplinary Tensions, Academic Boundaries, and the Premodern Environment”
Keith Pluymers
Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellow, Fall 2023
“Water, Steam, and Philadelphia’s Eighteenth-Century Anthropocene”
Julia Adeney Thomas
Shelby Cullom Davis Center Fellow, Fall 2023
“The Historian's Task in the Anthropocene: Finding Hope in Japan”