Xiao Sun

Graduate Student

I primarily study the history of twentieth-century China, though I am also passionate about Russian/Soviet history. Tentatively, my project at Princeton will examine the interactions between China and the Soviet Union with a particular focus on how such interactions helped shape the political and social foundations of modern China. I also hope to coalesce aspects of Chinese and Soviet history into a transnational framework for understanding the history of Communism, among other thematic histories.

Born and raised in China, my curiosity about modern Chinese history stems from my empathy with the turbulences that the country endured throughout the twentieth century. On the other hand, the complex ideas and emotions conveyed through Russian literature and music deeply intrigued me and drew me to the study of Russian history and culture. Before coming to Princeton, I spent a year in St. Petersburg, studying Russian language. Initially a student of political science, I briefly worked in the field of foreign policy in Washington, D.C.

Outside my work, I am an avid fan of music.

Year of Study
Fifth Year
Area of Interest
Intellectual History
Political History
Social History
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19th Century
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