Late Antiquity

Final Public Oral Exam: Giuseppe (Joe) A. Ricci

The Department of History will conduct the Final Public Oral Exam of Giuseppe A. Ricci: "Nomads in Late Antiquity: Gazing on Rome from the Steppe, Attila to Asparuch (370-680 C.E.)."

John Haldon, Adviser
Helmut Reimitz
Nicola di Cosmo (IAS)
Michael Maas, Rice University

All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

A copy of the dissertation will be available for review one week before the exam in the History graduate student lounge, 105 Dickinson Hall.

Molly Lester - Doubtful Distinctions: Heresy, Orthodoxy, and Religious Practice in Sixth-Century Iberia

This paper is presented as part of the Late Antique, Medieval and Byzantine Workshop (LAMB) workshop series. There is a pre-circulated paper for this work. If you would like more information or the password to access the papers, please contact Ian Ward.

This workshop is open to the public.

Sucharita Ray

Sucharita Ray is currently a third-year graduate student in the Department of History at Princeton University. She also received an M.A. in medieval history from the University of Notre Dame in 2012 and an A.B. in history summa cum laude from Princeton in 2010. Sucharita worked as a copyeditor in an academic publishing house for three years before returning to Princeton to resume graduate education in 2015. Her dissertation research focuses on the intersections between religious dogma, devotional practices and higher education in France in the Late Middle Ages.

Lucas McMahon

I am a historian of the late Roman and Byzantine Near East, with interests in the state, logistics, and medieval Greek history writing. My doctoral dissertation, “Information Transmission and the Byzantine State: Geography, Logistics, and Geopolitics, 600-1200,” examines how the medieval Roman Empire conducted its foreign policy across long distances by looking the movement of news. Located at a crossroads in western Eurasia, Byzantium’s networks and influence extended from the British Isles to central Asia and from northern Russia to the Red Sea.


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