Late Antiquity

Ian S. Ward

Ian is a sixth-year Ph.D. candidate, currently completing his dissertation on the early-medieval oath of loyalty and the transformation of identities in Europe, from the Carolingian to the post-Carolingian period, roughly 800 to 1000 AD.  His current research interests concern the legacy of Frankish empire in the middle ages and processes of change in the aftermath of its political disintegration.  More widely, he is interested in legal culture and historiography between 700 and 1200 AD.

Jan van Doren

Jan is a sixth year Ph. D. student specializing in early medieval European history. His dissertation "Corruption in the Carolingian Empire and the Post-Carolingian Kingdoms, 800-1100" is a cultural history of justice from the ninth to eleventh century, as approached through the lense of judicial corruption. He is broadly interested in the conceptualization of justice, power, authority and their inverses in this time period, and how such concepts apply to legal, religious and political practice.

Glenn McDorman

I am a sixth-year PhD student. I am a social, cultural, and institutional historian of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, specializing in the western Mediterranean world from the fifth through the seventh centuries. My dissertation project is entitled War and the Transformation of Communities in the Early Medieval West, 420-565.


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