Neena Mahadev

Assistant Professor
Yale-NUS College (Singapore)

Neena Mahadev is an anthropologist with expertise in religion, political economy, theopolitics, pluralism, violence, inter-religious entanglement, Theravāda Buddhism and Christianity in South and Southeast Asia. She is author of Karma and Grace: Religious Difference in Millennial Sri Lanka (Columbia UP, 2023), the manuscript for which she was awarded the Claremont Prize in Religion (2021) from the Institute of Religion, Culture, and Public Life at Columbia University. Dr. Mahadev is developing two additional book projects: the first is an ethnography of transregional Buddhist itinerancy and revival in South and Southeast Asia. The second is a historical and ethnographic study of Bandung internationalism and the inter-Asian ecumenical Christian movement and its contemporary entailments. Her work contributes to the emerging body of literature on ‘cold’ war religions while also attending to the embodied theopolitical formations of habitus associated with elemental concepts like grace, sacrifice, karmic aptitude, and samsaric destiny. Dr. Mahadev is presently an assistant professor of anthropology at Yale-NUS College in Singapore, where she teaches anthropology of violence, religion and media, political theologies in Asian lifeworlds, Christianities in cross-cultural perspective, and survey courses in anthropology. She is broadly trained in postcolonial theory, subaltern studies, decolonial studies and inter-Asian cultural studies.