Contacts / Director of Undergraduate Studies

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Janet Chen
Office Phone
302 Dickinson Hall

Office Hours: Wed 10:30 am - 11:30 am, Thur 11 am - noon. Book an appointment with Professor Janet Chen on Calendly.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies serves as a general adviser to the majors in the Department and as a liaison to the residential colleges. (Individual academic advising is performed by students' independent work advisers.)

Besides being a source of counsel, see the Director of Undergraduate Studies for:

History of Science (HOS) Undergraduate Adviser

Michael D. Gordin
Office Phone
305 Dickinson Hall

The HOS Undergraduate Adviser is the general adviser to students concentrating in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine.

Outside Course Approvals for Non-Majors (summer or study abroad)

Molly Greene
Office Phone
231 Dickinson Hall

In order for an outside course to be approved, it needs to be equivalent in quality and intensity to what we offer at Princeton. This means the instructor(s) should at least have a Ph.D. All reading and written assignments, as well as the mode of evaluation, should be similar to a Princeton HIS course. They cannot be based alone, or even primarily, on a textbook and lectures. In order to determine that, please provide a complete syllabus of the course (an older version of the same course is acceptable).

Undergraduate Program Administrator

Judie Miller
Office Phone
129 Dickinson Hall

The Undergraduate Program Administrator works closely with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

See Judie Miller for:

  • General inquiries
  • Policies and procedures
  • Course scheduling
  • All course preparation inquiries, including precepts, wait lists, room assignments, and cross listing requests
  • Study Abroad
  • Student research funding questions in SAFE
  • All aspects of studying and majoring in History, including:
    • Advising commitments
    • JP- and Thesis-related questions
    • Senior Departmental Examination

She is available in the Director of Undergraduate Studies absence to answer any questions

Office Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Book an appointment with Judie Miller on Calendly.