Distribution Requirements


Effective January 2023, the prerequisite requirement for entering the History major are one course at the 200 or 300 level, and a second course recommended (but not required).

Thematic Distribution Requirements

The thematic distribution requirements are abbreviated as follows:

  • Knowledge and Belief (KB)
  • Power and Conflict (PC)
  • Pre-Modern, pre-1700 (PM)
  • Race and Difference (RD)

While many courses carry more than one designation, a single course may satisfy only one thematic requirement. Students must take at least one course in each thematic area.

Course Distribution Requirement Semester Offered
HIS 201: A History of the World KB  
HIS 202: The Sixties: Documentary, Youth, and the City PC, RD  
HIS 205: The Byzantine Empire KB, PM Fall 2024
EAS 206/HIS 206: Medieval Asian Worlds: Korea, Japan, China, Inner and South Asia 300 CE-1700 CE PM  
HIS 207: History of East Asia to 1800 PC, PM  
HIS 208: East Asia since 1800 PC, RD  
EAS 218/HIS 209: The Origins of Japanese Culture and Civilization: A History of Japan until 1600 PC, PM Fall 2024
HIS 210: The World of Late Antiquity KB, PM  
HIS 211: Europe from Antiquity to 1700 KB, PM  
HIS 212: Europe in the World: From 1776 to the Present Day KB, PC  
AAS 313/HIS 213: Modern Caribbean History RD  
HIS 214: British Empire in World History, 1600-2000 PC, RD Fall 2024
CLA 220/HIS 215: Slavery in the Roman World PM  
CLA 216/HIS 216: Archaic and Classical Greece PM  
CLA 217/HIS 217: The Greek World in the Hellenistic Age PM  
CLA 218/HIS 218: The Roman Republic PM  
CLA 219/HIS 219: The Roman Empire, 31 B.C. to A.D. 337 PM  
NES 220/HIS 220: Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the Middle Ages KB, PM  
NES 390/HIS 221: Medieval Cairo: A Survival Guide PC, PM  
HIS 222: Hellenism: The First 3000 Years PM  
NES 201/HIS 223 Introduction to the Middle East PC  
HIS 225: The Mediterranean: From Rome to Fortress Europe PC, PM Fall 2024
AAS 326/AMS 388/HIS 226: Topics in African American Culture & Life: Black Disability Studies, Black Disability Histories RD Fall 2024
MED 227/HIS 227: The Worlds of the Middle Ages KB, PM  
CLA 231/HIS 231: Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine: Bodies, Physicians, and Patients PM  
JDS 232/HIS 232: Hatred or Tolerance? Jews & Christians in Medieval and Early Modern Europe KB, PM  
ANT 333/HIS 233/AMS 432: Indigenous Health Futures: Health and Wellbeing within Native Nations RD Fall 2024
HIS 240/RES 302/HLS 309: Modern Eastern Europe, 19th to 20th Centuries PC Fall 2024
HIS 241: Faith and Power in the Indian Ocean Arena KB, PC  
NES 350/HIS 245: The Islamic World from its Emergence to the Beginnings of Westernization PM  
EAS 345/HIS 246: A Monster History of Japan, from Kojiki to Godzilla PM, KB Fall 2024
HUM 248/NES 248/HIS 248: Near Eastern Humanities II: Medieval to Modern Thought and Culture KB, PM  
HIS 249 / AFS 249: A Global History of Modern Ethiopia: Rastafari to Haile Selassie PC  
HIS 250: The Mother and Father Continent: A Global History of Africa KB, RD  
AAS 268/HIS 268: Introduction to African American History Since Emancipation PC, RD Fall 2024
NES 369/HIS 251: The World of the Cairo Geniza KB, PM  
EAS 253/HIS 253: The Law in Action in Premodern Japan: A Comparative Perspective PM  
REL 255/HIS 255: Mapping American Religion KB  
AMS 361/HIS 261: Slavery, Antislavery, and the U.S. Constitution PC  
HIS 262: Capitalism: Origins, Alternatives, Futures PC  
HIS 267: History of Palestine/Israel PC  
HIS 270: Asian American History RD  
HIS 271: Native American History PC, RD  
EAS 279/HIS 276: The Qin Dynasty and the Beginnings of Empire in China KB  
EGR 277/HIS 277: Technology and Society KB  
HIS 278: Digital, Spatial, Visual, and Oral Histories KB  
EAS 280/HIS 279: Nomadic Empires: From the Scythian Confederation to the Mongol Conquest PC, PM Fall 2024
HIS 280: Approaches to American History PC  
HIS 281: Approaches to European History KB, PC  
HIS 282: A Documents-Based Approach to Asian History PC, RD  
HIS 283: War in the Modern Western World PC  
HUM 470/HIS 287: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: Literature and History KB Fall 2024
NES 389/JDS 389/HIS 289/MED 389: Everyday Writing in Medieval Egypt, 600 - 1500 KB Fall 2024
HIS 292: Science in the Modern World KB  
HIS 293: Science in a Global Context: 15th to 20th Century KB, PC  
HIS 294: Science and Medicine in the Early Modern World KB, PM  
HIS 295: Making America: Technology and History in the United States KB  
AMS 395/HIS 296: Performing the City: Race and Protest in 1960s Trenton and Princeton PC, RD  
STC 297/HIS 297: Transformative Questions in Biology KB  
HIS 298: Information Revolutions KB Fall 2024
HIS 303: Colonial Latin America to 1810 PC, PM Fall 2024
HIS 304: Modern Latin America since 1810 PC  
HIS 306: Becoming Latino in the U.S. PC, RD  
HIS 307: The Spanish Empire PC, RD  
AMS 306/HIS 308: Commemoration, Crisis, and Revolution in the City KB  
EAS 409/HIS 309: The Warrior Culture of Japan PM  
REL 357/HIS 310: Religion and the American Revolution KB  
NES 316/HIS 311: Global Trade Before the Modern Period PM  
NES/317/HIS 312: Text and Technology: From Handwritten to Digital Formats KB  
HIS 314: Precolonial Africa PM, RD  
HIS 315: Colonial and Postcolonial Africa PC, RD Fall 2024
HIS 316: South African History: 1497 to the Present PC, RD  
HIS 317: Making of Modern India and Pakistan PC  
COM 376/HIS 320: On the Edge of Authoritarianism: Literature and Politics in the Modern Mediterranean PC  
EAS 321/HIS 321: Early Modern Japan KB, PC  
HIS 322: 20th-Century Japan PC, RD Fall 2024
HIS 324: Early Modern China PM, PC  
HIS 325: China, 1850 to the Present PC  
CLA 326/HIS 326: Topics in Ancient History PM Fall 2024
CLA 327/HIS 327: Topics in Ancient History and Religion: Augustus: Politics, Religion, Culture PM  
CLA 324/HIS 328: Classical Historians and Their Philosophies of History PM  
JDS 324/HIS 329: Trauma and Oral History: Giving Voice to the Unspeakable KB, PC  
ART 329/HIS 330: Architecture of Confinement, from the Hospice to the Era of Mass Incarceration PC  
EAS 326/HIS 331: Bamboo, Silk, Wood, and Paper: Ancient and Medieval Chinese Manuscripts KB  
HIS 332: Pre-Colonial India: Politics, Religion, and Culture in South Asia, 1000-1800 CE PC, PM, RD  
HIS 333: Modern Brazilian History PC, RD  
HUM 335/HIS 334: A Global History of Monsters KB, RD  
NES 437/HIS 337: The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800 PC, PM  
URB 384/HIS 340: Affordable Housing in the United States RD  
HIS 341: Making Minorities: Modern South Asian Histories PC, RD  
HIS 342: Southeast Asia's Global History KB, PC  
HIS 343: The Formation of the Christian West PC, PM Fall 2024
HIS 344: The Civilization of the High Middle Ages PC, PM  
HIS 345: The Crusades PC, RD  
HUM 320/HIS 346: Making Medieval Worlds: Methods and Materials PM  
AAS 352/HIS 347: Race and Reproduction in U.S. History RD  
REL 356/HIS 348: Black Religions in Slavery and Freedom KB, RD  
NES 338/HIS 349: The Arab-Israeli Conflict PC  
HIS 350: History of International Order PC, RD  
HIS 352 Democracy in Europe since 1945: The Contested History KB, PC  
ECS 350/HIS 354: Books and Their Readers KB  
HIS 358: History of the Balkans PC  
HIS 359: Modern Jewish History: 1750-Present KB, RD  
HIS 360: The Russian Empire: State, People, Nations KB, PC  
HIS 361: The United States Since 1974 PC  
HIS 362: The Soviet Empire KB, PC  
HIS 363: The Napoleonic Wars PC  
HIS 364: France and Its Empire from the Renaissance to Napoleon, 1500-1815 PC, RD  
HIS 366: Germany Since 1806 KB, PC  
HIS 367: English Constitutional History PC, PM  
SPI 364/HIS 368: Making Post-Pandemic Worlds: Epidemic History and the Future KB, PC  
HIS 369: European Intellectual History in the 20th Century KB Fall 2024
HIS 370: Britain from the American Revolution to World War II PC  
HIS 371: The Colonization of North America PM, RD  
HIS 372: Revolutionary America PC, RD  
HIS 373: Slavery and Democracy in the New Nation PC, RD Fall 2024
HIS 374: History of the American West PC  
HIS 375: US Intellectual History: The Thinkers and Writers who Shaped America KB Fall 2024
HIS 376: The American Civil War and Reconstruction PC, RD  
HIS 377: Gilded Age and Progressive-Era United States, 1877-1920 PC  
HUM 372/HIS 378/MED 372: World Travelers in the Middle Ages PM  
HIS 379: U.S. Legal History KB, PC  
HIS 380: U.S. Foreign Relations PC, RD  
URB 392/ARC 392/HIS 381: Building African Cities, Past and Present PC  
AAS 331/HIS 382: Beyond Tuskegee: Race and Human Subjects Research in US History RD  
HIS 383: The United States, 1920-1974 PC, RD Fall 2024
HIS 384: Gender and Sexuality in Modern America PC, RD  
HIS 385: Historical Consciousness: An Introduction KB Fall 2024
AAS 366/HIS 386: African American History to 1863 RD  
HIS 388: Unrest and Renewal in Urban America PC, RD  
HIS 389: American Cultural History KB, RD  
HIS 390: Formations of Knowledge: Historical Approaches to Science, Technology, and Medicine PC, RD Fall 2024
HIS 391: History of Contemporary Science KB  
HIS 392: History of Evolution KB  
HIS 393: Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America KB, RD  
HIS 394: History of Ecology and Environmentalism KB  
HIS 395: History of Medicine and the Body KB, RD  
HIS 396: History of Biology KB  
HIS 397: Medicine and the Mind: A History of Psychiatry from the Asylum to Zoloft KB, RD  
HIS 398: The Einstein Era KB  
AMS 399/HIS 399: In the Groove: Technology and Music in American History, From Edison to the iPod KB  
HIS 401: American Women's History PC, RD  
HIS 402: Writing Slavery: Sources, Methods, Ethics PC, RD  
HIS 403: The History of Free Speech KB, PC  
HIS 404: The Rise of the Republican Party PC  
HIS 405: Native American History PC, RD  
HIS 406: Two Empires: Russia and the US from Franklin to Trump PC  
HIS 407: History Behind the Headlines: Native America in the News RD  
HIS 409: Women and Law in in U.S. History RD, PC  
HIS 410: Revolution, Violence, and Gender in Modern Arabic Literature PC Fall 2024
HIS 411: World After Empire PC, RD  
HIS 412: Marx and the Marxist Method of Analysis: A Primer for All Disciplines KB, PC  
HIS 413: Transgression: A History of Magic KB  
HIS 414: Life Writings in Britain and America, 1650-1918 KB  
HIS 415: Healing in the Black Atlantic KB, RD  
HIS 417: Gandhi: The Making of the Mahatma PC  
HIS 418: Imagined Cities KB, PC  
HIS 420: Desi Girl/Mother India: Gender, Sexuality, and History in Hindi Cinema PC, RD  
HIS 421: Venice and the Mediterranean World PC, PM  
AMS 342/HIS 422: Hindu, Muslim, Untouchable: Exclusion in South Asian History RD, PM Fall 2024
HIS 423: The History of Christianity in Africa: From St. Mark to Desmond Tutu KB, PM  
HIS 424: The Historian as Cultural Broker: The Making and Remaking of History in the First Millennium KB, PM  
HIS 425: History of Political Propaganda from the French Revolution KB, PC Fall 2024
AAS 426/HIS 426: Memory, History and the Archive KB, RD  
HIS 427: Being Human: A Political History KB  
HIS 428: Empire and Catastrophe KB, PC  
HIS 429: Fascism and Antifascism in Global History KB, PC  
HIS 430: History of the American West, 1500–1900 RD, PC Fall 2024
HIS 431: Ukraine on Fire, 1900 to the Present PC  
HIS 432: Environment and War KB, PC Fall 2024
NES 433/HIS 433: Imperialism and Reform in the Middle East and the Balkans PC  
HIS 434: Revolutionary Russia KB, PC  
HIS 437: Law After Rome KB, PM  
HIS 438: History of Palestine/Israel PC  
HIS 439: China's Frontiers PC, RD  
HIS 440: History of the National Security State PC  
HIS 441: Reconstructing the Union: Law, Democracy, and Race after the American Civil War PC, RD  
HIS 442: Modern Mexican History RD Fall 2024
HIS 443: Black Worldmaking: Freedom Movements Then and Now PC, RD  
EAS 415/HIS 444: Intellectual History of China to the Fifth Century PM, RD  
HIS 445: Winston Churchill, Anglo-America and the 'Special Relationship' in the Twentieth Century PC  
HIS 446: Political Prisons: Crime, Persecution and Incarceration in 19th Century Europe PC  
HIS 447: Ethnicity and History RD  
HIS 448: History: An Introduction to the Discipline KB Fall 2024
HIS 449: The French Enlightenment KB  
HIS 450: Abolition and Fall of American Slavery: The History of Antislavery Movements and Struggles in the United States PC  
HIS 452: Magic, Matter, Medicine: Science in the Medieval World KB, PM  
HIS 454: Afghanistan in World History: Between and Beyond Empires KB  
HIS 456: New Orleans at 300: Invention & Reinvention in an American City RD  
HIS 459: The History of Incarceration in the U.S. PC, RD Fall 2024
HIS 461/NES 461: History of Coffee in Africa and the Middle East PC Fall 2024
HIS 462: Difference and Deviance in the Early Middle Ages PM, RD  
HIS 465: Latino Urban History RD  
HIS 466: California History RD  
SPI 466/HIS 467: Financial History KB, PC Fall 2024
HIS 468: The History of the United States during World War II PC, RD  
AMS 442/HIS 470: History & Memory on the Lower East Side RD  
HIS 471: The Political History of Civil Rights RD  
HIS 472: Medicine and Society in China: Past and Present KB, RD  
HIS 474: Cultural History of the Modern Nile Valley KB  
HUM 412/HIS 475: Digging for the Past: Archaeology from Ancient Greece to Modern America KB, PM  
ART 478/HIS 476 The Vikings: History and Archaeology PM  
AAS 477/HIS 477: The Civil Rights Movement PC, RD  
HIS 478: The Vietnam Wars PC Fall 2024
HIS 479: Society, Politics, and Ideas in 1980s America PC, RD  
HIS 480: Property: How, Why, and What We Own PC, KB  
HIS 481: Science and Film KB  
FRE 480/HIS 482: The Writer, The Prince, and the Public: Political Writing in the Eighteenth-Century PC  
HIS 483: History of the Manchu People and Their Culture RD Fall 2024
HIS 484: Borderlands, Border Lives PC, RD  
HIS 485: History of African American Families RD  
HIS 486: Women and War in Asia/America RD, PC Fall 2024
HIS 487: The Age of Democratic Revolutions PC  
HIS 488: The Soviet Atomic, Space, and Information Ages KB, PC  
HIS 489: The Scientific Self KB  
HIS 491: Fertile Bodies: A Cultural History of Reproduction from Antiquity to the Enlightenment PM  
HIS 492: The Therapeutic Persuasion: Psychotherapy and American Life KB  
HIS 493: '1, 2, 3, Testing'... in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine KB  
HIS 494: Broken Brains, Shattered Minds KB, RD  
HIS 495: Alchemy: Art and Science KB, PM  
HIS 496: The Science of Heaven and Hell KB, PM Fall 2024
HIS 498: History of Pseudoscience KB