Geographical Distribution Requirement

Students must take two courses focused on the histories of Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East. They may overlap with courses taken to satisfy the thematic distribution requirements.

NOTE: bolded courses will be offered in Fall 2024.

Geographical Distribution Requirement

History courses that satisfy the geographical requirement for majors
Course Semester Offered
HIS 201: A History of the World  
HIS 205: The Byzantine Empire Fall 2024
EAS 206 / HIS 206: Medieval Asian Worlds: Korea, Japan, China, Inner and South Asia  
HIS 207: History of East Asia to 1800  
HIS 208: East Asia Since 1800  
EAS 218 / HIS 209: Origins of Japanese Culture and Civilization: A History of Japan Until 1600 Fall 2024
HIS 210: The World of Late Antiquity  
AAS 313 / HIS 213: Modern Caribbean History  
NES 390 / HIS 221: Medieval Cairo: A Survival Guide  
NES 201 / HIS 223: Introduction to the Middle East  
HIS 225: The Mediterranean: From Rome to Fortress Europe Fall 2024
EAS 240/HIS 240: The Perception of China and Asia in the West  
HIS 241: Faith and Power in the Indian Ocean Arena  
NES 350 / HIS 245: The Islamic World From Its Emergence to the Beginnings of Westernization  

HUM 248/NES 248/HIS 248: Near Eastern Humanities II: Medieval to Modern Thought and Culture

HIS 249 / AFS 249: A Global History of Modern Ethiopia: Rastafari to Halle Selassie  
HIS 250: The Mother and Father Continent: A Global History of Africa  
NES 369 / HIS 251: The World of the Cairo Geniza  
EAS 253 / HIS 253: The Law in Action in Premodern Japan: A Comparative Perspective  
HIS 267: History of Palestine/Israel  
AAS 268/HIS 268: Introduction to African American History Since Emancipation Fall 2024
EAS 279 / HIS 276: The Qin Dynasty and the Beginnings of Empire in China  
EAS 280 / HIS 279: Nomadic Empires: From the Scythian Confederation to the Mongol Conquest Fall 2024
HIS 282: A Documents-Based Approach to Asian History  
HIS 303: Colonial Latin America to 1810 Fall 2024
HIS 304: Modern Latin America Since 1810  
LAS 302/HIS 305: Latin America in Modern World History: Global and Transnational Perspectives, 1800 to the Present  
EAS 409 / HIS 309: The Warrior Culture of Japan  
NES 316/HIS 311: Global Trade Before the Modern Period  
HIS 314: Precolonial Africa  
HIS 315: Colonial and Postcolonial Africa Fall 2024
HIS 316: South African History, 1497 to the Present  
HIS 317: The Making of Modern India and Pakistan  
EAS 321 / HIS 321: Early Modern Japan  
HIS 322: 20th-Century Japan  
EAS 309/HIS 323: Ideas and Society in Modern Japan, 1600-1945  
HIS 324: Early Modern China  
HIS 325: China, 1850 to the Present  
EAS 326/HIS 331/MED 326: Bamboo, Silk, Wood, and Paper: Ancient and Medieval Chinese Manuscripts  
HIS 332: Pre-Colonial India: Politics, Religion, and Culture in South Asia, 1000-1800 CE  
HIS 333: Modern Brazilian History  
HUM 335 / HIS 334: A Global History of Monsters  
NES 437 / HIS 337: The Ottoman Empire, 1300-1800  
NES 392 / HIS 338: Clash of Civilizations?  
EAS 340/HIS 340: Culture and Society in Late Imperial China: 1000-1900  
HIS 341: Making Minorities: Modern South Asian Histories  
HIS 342: Southeast Asia’s Global History  
HIS 345: The Crusades  
NES 338 / HIS 349: The Arab-Israeli Conflict  
ART 361 / HIS 355: The Art and Archaeology of Plague  
JDS 355 / HIS 356: Between Swords and Stones: Jerusalem, a History  
URB 392/ARC 392/HIS 381: Building African Cities, Past and Present  
HIS 408: Selected Topics in 20th-Century Latin America  
HIS 410: Revolution, Violence, and Gender in Modern Arabic Literature Fall 2024
HIS 411: World After Empire  
HIS 416: Resistance and Reform: Islam and Colonialism in Modern South Asia  
HIS 417: Gandhi: The Making of the Mahatma  
HIS 418: Imagined Cities  
HIS 419: Topics in the History of Modern Syria  
HIS 420: Desi Girl, Mother India: Gender, Sexuality, and History in Hindi Cinema  
HIS 422: Hindu, Muslim, Untouchable: Exclusion in South Asian History Fall 2024
HIS 423: The History of Christianity in Africa: From St. Mark to Desmond Tutu  
HIS 428: Empire and Catastrophe  
HIS 432: Environment and War Fall 2024
NES 433 / HIS 433: Imperialism and Reform in the Middle East and the Balkans  
HIS 436: Working Class Lives on the Indian Subcontinent  
HIS 437: Law After Rome  
HIS 438: History of Palestine / Israel  
HIS 439: China’s Frontiers  
HIS 442: Modern Mexican History Fall 2024
HIS 443: Black Worldmaking: Freedom Movements Then and Now  
EAS 415 / HIS 444: Intellectual History of China to the Fifth Century  
HIS 454 / SAS 454: Afghanistan in World History: Between and Beyond Empires  
HIS 461 / NES 461: History of Coffee in Africa and the Middle East Fall 2024
HIS 472: Medicine and Society in China: Past and Present  
HIS 473: White Hunters, Black Poachers: Africa and the Science of Conservation  
HIS 483: History of the Manchu People and Their Culture Fall 2024
HIS 484: Borderlands, Border Lives  
HIS 486: Women and War in Asia/America Fall 2024