HSTM Senior Thesis

The thesis is the capstone experience at Princeton, and history of science concentrators have written prize-winning theses on a wide range of different sciences, in many different times and places.

Recent Topics

  • "Making Sense of Icy Times: Early Cold War Science in Alaska and the Founding Years of Arctic Research Laboratory"
  • "A War Within: The Violence, Chemistry, And Political Mobilization Behind The World’s First Cancer-Killing Agents"
  • "'We Must All Care': Constructing Maternal Mortality as a Social Issue in America, 1922-1941"
  • "Towards Self-Health: Healing Black Neurosis, Drug Addiction, and AIDS in the Nation of Islam"
  • "A Madness Network: Psychiatric Survivor Activism in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1972-1986"
  •  "A Theistic Naturalism: The Union of Science and Religion in the Work of Dr. William Benjamin Carpenter"
  • "Man, Machine, and Monitor: The Militarization of Attention Through Vigilance in the Twentieth Century"
  • "A Bundle of Sadness: Medicalization of Postpartum Depression"
  • "A Double-Edged Thermometer: Mass Media's Depiction of Climate Change and Global Warming in the United States, 1988 to 2000"
  • "Do Androids Dream of Electric Programmers? Popular Imagination and the Rise of Corporate Artificial Intelligence"
  • "'We Have Lift-off!: How the United States Government Shaped the Private Rocket Launch Industry Post 1984"
  • "Reinventing Trust Without Authority: Philosophies of Cryptography and Decentralization"
  • "A Tale of Two Hemisphere: Split-Brain Research and the Popularization of Science"
  • "No Country for Dead Men: Spanish Influenza, Mass Fatality Management and American Death Care Industries, 1918-1965"

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Pasteur inoculating a man with the rabies virus

Pasteur inoculating a man with the rabies virus. Chromolithograph. Wellcome Collection. Source: Wellcome Collection.

Photo credit: "L0027358" by Wellcome Library, London is licensed under CC by 4.0. Image has been cropped.