For the class of 2025 and beyond:

  • Students are required to take and pass one course at the 200 or 300 level.
  • A second course is recommended but not required.

Pre-2023 Prerequisites

Prior to January 2023, the prerequisite requirement is one course from the following:

Course Semester Offered
HIS 201: A History of the World  
HIS 207: History of East Asia to 1800  
HIS 208: East Asia Since 1800 Spring 2024
HIS 210: The World of Late Antiquity Spring 2024
HIS 211: Europe from Antiquity to 1700  
HIS 212: Europe in the World: From 1776 to the Present Day Spring 2024
HIS 241: Faith and Power in the Indian Ocean Arena Spring 2024
HIS 250: The Mother and Father Continent: A Global History of Africa  
HIS 262 Capitalism: Origins, Alternatives, Futures  
HIS 267: History of Palestine/Israel Spring 2024
HIS 270: Asian American History  
EGR 277 / HIS 277: Technology and Society  
HIS 278: Digital, Spatial, Visual, and Oral Histories Spring 2024
EAS 280/HIS 279 Nomadic Empires: From the Scythian Confederation to the Mongol Conquest  
HIS 280: Approaches to American History Spring 2024
HIS 281: Approaches to European History  
HIS 282: A Documents-Based Approach to Asian History  
HIS 283: War in the Modern Western World  
HIS 290: The Scientific Worldview of Antiquity and the Middle Ages  
HIS 291: The Scientific Revolution and the European Order, 1500-1750  
HIS 292: Science in the Modern World  
HIS 295 Making America: Technology and History in the United States Spring 2024
HIS 393: Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America Spring 2024
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